Student Services Department

The faculty and staff at CPC seek to help our students grow; not only spiritually and academically, but socially as well.  We encourage all of our students to branch out and experience life.  Whether that is by joining a club on campus, getting involved with a campus ministries project, or simply bringing in their friends to one of our community events.  At CPC our wish is for our students to become leaders in their social groups, as well as in their communities.

Social activities involving students with each other, and with teachers and Life Counselors help to build important family, community, and professional life skills such as team building, negotiation, leadership, empathic support and cooperation.  The friendships that CPC students build now can enrich their entire life.

CPC offers a variety of activities and events structured to create opportunities for our students and faculty to get to know one another.

Types of Activities

  • Student Clubs
  • Education Day (Museum of Tolerance, Body World, etc)
  • The Lighthouse (our chapel-like services)
  • Game Nights
  • Fun in the Sun (Bar-B-Que)
  • Beach Vespers
  • Movie Nights
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Seminar Series (includes: Italian, painting, travel, guitar                   lessons, auditioning, etc.)

Students are encouraged to develop clubs of various mutual interests, from books to films, to formal debates, to various kinds of collecting and friendly competitions.  For more information on our student life clubs or events, please visit us on Facebook or visit the Student Events calendar on our home page.

Student Services Available

The following student services are available to our students:

  • HUB
  • Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Tutoring