Christian Identity

As a Christian junior college, California Preparatory College believes that God is the origin of all things and the source of all truth. This truth is made known in the Bible, in His creation, in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and throughout human experiences. CPC is not corporately affiliated with an organized religion or faith, but its culture and educational philosophy is founded upon the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. While CPC is a Christian college, it welcomes students from all backgrounds, denominations and beliefs and challenges all of its students to seek a more personal, meaningful and deeper relationship with God.

CPC believes that humans are created in the image of God with the ability to think, choose and act. We were originally created in a relationship of love and respect with our Maker. Since God did not want a forced allegiance from those in His image, He gave man the power to choose. This freedom to choose resulted in sin and evil entering human history. Since sin distorts our views of God and His creation, an important purpose of education is to restore our relationship of love and trust with God and man. Therefore, it is a major purpose of CPC to teach and live love and respect for God, love and respect for others and to align ourselves with the principles of His kingdom – an alignment that is meant to make our lives more joyful, complete and that strengthens our personal relationship with Him.


Since Jesus has challenged us to love God with all our mind, strength, heart and soul, education is challenged to address the entire person. This holistic approach to education enables the development of the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical well being of students and is essential in the redemptive and restoration mission of God on earth.


This holistic approach to education includes the development of all facets of human maturity.


a. Spiritual Maturity. Students will understand that growth in spiritual maturity includes an ever expanding realization of God’s love, grace, and redemptive teachings of Jesus Christ. Students will be challenged to experience the transforming power of a relationship with Christ as students align their values with the principles of God’s kingdom. Spiritual maturity also includes participating in the mission of Jesus Christ to relieve suffering and assist in restoring man’s love for their Creator.


b. Intellectual Competence. Students will demonstrate a mastery of the cognitive skills of critical thinking, communication, and reflective judgment. Students will have an enthusiasm and curiosity to learn that results in a life-long habit of continuing inquiry that characterizes a truly educated person.


c. Social and Emotional Maturity. Students will demonstrate socio-emotional maturity with their leadership skills as they facilitate personal and collective, positive change in the world.


d. Physical Well-being. Students will take responsibility for their own well-being by practicing a health-promoting lifestyle.


CPC also believes that personal meaning and purpose is best found in developing a deep love for God and a compassionate love for others. When we align our goals with the purposes of God, we will experience the joy and fulfillment that God wants for all of us. Thus, it is a purpose of CPC to graduate servant leaders who will positively change their world as followers of Jesus Christ.