Steps for Admission to CPC

STEP 1: Contact any CPC personnel who will direct you to an Enrollment Counselor (CPC Recruiter) who will guide you through the application process. The Enrollment Counselor will direct you to your Life Counselor who will guide you through all the necessary processes to make your acceptance and registration as easy as possible.


STEP 2: During the process your Life Counselor will:
a)Review your previous educational experience to ensure that CPC is right for you.
b)Help in assessing your demonstrated skills in reading, English and math


STEP 3: Once you are accepted, your Life Counselor will:
a)Assist you in developing your financial plan. Along with the office of Student Financial Services, they will help you provide the necessary financial information, including assistance with documentation necessary for financial aid application.
b)Review your previous educational experience and demonstrated competencies, then help guide you in course selection based on your educational and career goals.
c)Provide information regarding housing and student employment when available.


If you are not accepted at CPC the Life Counselor will assist in providing information regarding other educational alternatives for you.

Requirements for Acceptance


Freshman Entrance Requirements

Applicants must have completed and be able to document at least one of the following requirements:

•Have received a high school diploma from an accredited secondary school
•Have passed the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE)
•Have passed the General Education Development exam(GED)
•Have completed high school at a documented home school or individual study program
•Is 18 and is able to complete or pass one of the previously listed requirements within the first semester of enrollment
•Have earned twelve or more transferable(non-remedial) units of college credit


Transfer Student Admissions Requirements

Students who apply for admission based upon previous credit for courses taken at another college or university must submit an official transcript delivered by the US Postal Service from the records office at the school of origin in a sealed envelope, to the CPC Admissions Office. Transcripts will be evaluated according to the academic standards policy of California Preparatory College.

Admissions Standards and Transfer Credits

(a) CPC has established specific written standards for student admissions for each educational program. These standards shall be related to the particular educational program. CPC does not admit any student who is obviously unqualified or who does not appear to have a reasonable prospect of completing the program.  Each student admitted to an undergraduate degree program, or a diploma program, shall possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, or otherwise successfully take and pass the relevant examination as required by section 94904 of the Code.


(b) CPC has specified the maximum credit it will transfer from another institution for each educational program, and the basis upon which the transferred credit will be awarded. Except as limited by subdivision (c) of this section, a maximum of 75 percent of the units or credit that may be applied toward the award of a bachelor’s degree may be derived from a combination of any or both of the following:
(1) Units earned at institutions approved by the Bureau, public or private institutions of higher learning accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the U. S. Department of Education, or any institution of higher learning, including foreign institutions, if the institution offering the undergraduate program documents that the institution of higher learning at which the units were earned offers degree programs equivalent to degree programs approved by the Bureau or accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the U.S. Department of Education; (2) Challenge examinations and standardized tests such as the College Level Placement Tests (CLEP) for specific academic disciplines.


(c) CPC does not offer credit for experiential learning.