We’re delighted that you’re interested in learning how to care for patients as a Certified Nursing Assistant through the Adventist Health/California Preparatory College CNA Program. At Adventist Health, our mission inspires us to care for each patient as a whole person – mind, body and spirit. As a CNA, you will be on the frontline of patient care, joining other professionals dedicated to patient-centered care and clinical excellence.


How much can I earn as a CNA at Adventist Health?

CNAs at Adventist Health can build their careers while practicing in an environment where associates feel valued and supported. Adventist Health offers competitive wages and benefits. According to, CNA pay ranges in California typically fall between $33,169 and $40,996, however, pay ranges can vary widely depending on the job location and many other important factors.


What does a CNA do?

A CNA is a vital part of the care team. Under medical or licensed nursing supervision, the Certified Nursing Assistant provides care  to patients/residents who are physically ill, disabled, convalescent or geriatric; assists the physician or nurse with examination and treatments of patients; motivate and assist patients in developing and utilizing their maximum potential for self-care; and do other related work. For more information on the CNA profession, visit the national CNA Association’s website.


How much do I have to pay out of pocket?

There is a $2,300 tuition for each student. Students may be eligible for a full or partial tuition scholarship. Students will also be responsible for providing their own scrubs, a medical exam and required vaccinations, access to the internet and a computer, a stethoscope, and appropriate face masks (estimated at $175 of supply costs). For more information about scholarships please contact Marissa Lupo


If I receive a scholarship and leave or are removed from the program due to unexcused absences, changing my mind,  or any other reason that is in my control, do I have to pay back the scholarship?

Yes, according to the terms of your scholarship agreement.


Do I need to buy a computer to complete the online portion?

You will need access to a computer or laptop and internet access for the 62 hours of online training. Obtaining a set of headphones/earbuds may be helpful. You will also need a strong internet connection and a location in which you can be uninterrupted during class sessions. If do not have access to a computer or laptop, there are many relatively inexpensive Chromebooks that will work for online class purposes. Here are more details of the specific computer requirements: Chrome 30+, Firefox 27+ and/or Safari 7+ browsers; broadband wired or wireless 3G or 4g/LTE; computer speakers and microphone (built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth); webcam (built-in or USB plug-in); operating systems of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 or macOS X with macOS 10.9 or later; iOS and Android tablets also are acceptable


How long is the program?

This is a 60-day session program that takes a little over 12 weeks followed by a bonus 2-week CNA license exam test prep class. There are 62 hours called the “didactic” or theory portion – online training which covers topics needed to be a successful Nursing Assistant. These hours will be live lectures held virtually. Students will also participate in 100 hours of clinical training at an Adventist Health facility. Following completion of the first nine modules or two weeks of online classes (approximately 18 hours of theory), the students then begin the clinical skills portion of the required 100 hours of training at the SNF. The remainder of the classroom/theory modules are taught concurrently with the clinical skills portion. After the formal class is completed, there is a bonus 2-week CNA exam test prep course to assist in preparing for the NNAAP exam.


Can I become a CNA if I use Marijuana?

Additionally, Adventist Health maintains a drug-free workplace policy, to provide a safe and secure environment for its employees, patients customers and guests. This drug-free workplace policy  prohibits the use of marijuana, including medical marijuana, in conformance with federal laws.


How do I obtain the background check (LiveScan) and drug test? And who pays for that?

You will be given specifics about the background check and drug test during the 2nd phase of the enrollment process. The cost of the background check and drug test is covered by your tuition.


Do I need a Medical Exam? And who pays for that?

Yes.  Please print out the medical exam form from the Enrollment Checklist link, complete your sections and take this form to your medical provider to be completed at your exam. The cost of this exam and vaccinations is your responsibility.  However, health insurance may cover some or all of this cost.  Please refer to your health insurance and medical provider for more details on insurance coverage of these costs.


Do I need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to be eligible for the program?

No.  This requirement was recently eliminated.  However, please understand that receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is the most important step to reducing a person’s chance of becoming sick with COVID-19 disease or spreading it to others. As a CNA student you will be engaged in clinical learning at the skilled nursing facility – interacting with long-term care and at-risk patients. Ensuring the safety of of these long-term care patients who are most at risk of dying from COVID-19 is an utmost priority. Getting the COVID-19 vaccination helps to prevent you from the risk of getting COVID-19 and passing it to patients, residents, students, other health care workers, family, or friends.


Is job placement at AH guaranteed after graduation?

Upon successful completion of the program and your ability to provide employment eligibility documents (SS Card, Driver’s License, birth certificate, etc…), our goal is that you will be offered a full time CNA position at Adventist Health. We look forward to your participation in this program and a potential future with Adventist Health.


What happens if I miss a class? 

100 percent attendance is required and mandated by state regulations. You can only miss 16 hours of clinical or 8 hours of online theory sessions before being removed from the class.  If it is an excusable absence, you will be allowed to re-enroll in a future session, if available.  Also, if you miss a class, you must make up the entire class.  For missed online theory classes, please email or message your teacher and arrange to makeup the class(es) and any quiz that you missed.  If you miss a clinical class, you will make that up as arranged with your instructor possibly during the last week of the class session.


Will I need to attend any class or appointment at CPC’s main campus? 

No.  All registration, interviews or meetings with the CPC counselor are handled online via Zoom calls or emails.  The only physical, in-person appointments are the clinical classes at your local Adventist Health or affiliated SNF site.


Where can I call for assistance?  

If you have registration and enrollment questions or want to know information about details of the classes, please call CPC at 909.436.7074 or email


If you have questions about the Adventist Health scholarship, please contact Marissa Lupo