Student Services

Many students entering college are still confused about which career or major to pursue. CPC's Student Services and Life Counselors are equipped to help students determine how their aptitudes, interests and temperaments match the demands and rewards of various academic or career choices.


Should you need any tutoring for any of your courses, the first step to take is to meet with you instructor to inform them that you would like additional help with the subject. The teacher should then refer you to speak with your Life Counselor who has a list of tutors available for different subjects. You will then be able to coordinate a schedule to meet with your tutor that best accommodates your schedules.

Placement Testing

California Preparatory College placement tests are meant to better inform our Life Counselors and Registrar which Mathematics and English courses a new student should take. Additionally, it serves to accurately assess the English level of international students. Placement Tests are not admissions tests and cannot be passed or failed. They are meant to assist in determining if you are at a college level in English and Mathematics. Your Life Counselor will review your scores and the recommendations of the English and Mathematics departments' analysis of your score to help determine what courses you should take. If your scores indicate some review is necessary you may be required to take remedial coursework that will prepare you for the college level. These remedial college courses do not count towards completion of your degree.

CPC Recreation

CPC’s faculty and staff also have a love for the arts. Students have a variety of opportunities to express themselves through theatre, art or music. CPC is dedicated to the exploration of knowledge. This isn’t just confined to the classroom, but in culture, performance as well as the fine arts. •Seminar Series (includes: Italian, painting, photography, travel, guitar lessons, improvisation, auditioning, etc.) •Community Performance Opportunities. (Life house theatre, relay for life, Redlands Bowl, National Anthem at local sporting events, and church concerts, etc.) •Fine Arts club (Attend Musicals, Live theatre, Art Galleries, Getty Museum, and ballroom dancing) •Game and Movie Nights

Year Long Missions

Students could experience a year-long mission trip to enrich your college experience. The following are possible sites that could help you achieve this goal: Adventist Frontier Missions (; US Peace Corp (; and Adventist Volunteers - through the General Conference (


California Preparatory College has a conveniently located library with an ever-expanding collection of books, periodicals, journals, pamphlets, audiovisual and reference materials. There are plenty of places to study in the library, and the librarian available to provide reference and assignment help whenever necessary. Open M-Th 8:00am - 5:00pm and F 8:00am - 2:00pm.