CPC began operations on July 1, 2007 in Redlands, CA. For two years prior to CPC’s opening, its founders operated a small ESL and certificate program in the Inland Empire. For several years prior to CPC’s opening, a number of educators, business people and investors had noticed a large void in value driven faith-based education and were considering the most cost effective remedy. The development and inauguration of CPC is the culmination of their collaborative effort. The 2019-20 academic year represented CPC’s 12th year of operation.  CPC is pleased that its mission is making a difference in higher education as each semester more students participate in its benefits and the college continues to grow.

CPC Highlights:

  • Founded in 2007 as a private, Christian, liberal arts junior college
  • Low tuition (under $10k per year) with focused curriculum helping students afford college without debt
  • Enrolled over 2,000 students since its opening and currently has an enrollment of over 150 full-time student equivalents.
  • Received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS – which means you can take a charitable deduction for your contribution.
  • Associate Degree programs approved by the state of California in 2018
  • Retention rate exceeds 80%
  • Completion rate and Transfer rate exceed 90%
  • Applied for Accreditation in 2017, completed its self evaluation report and site visit in 2019, and was granted Candidate status accreditation by ACCJC in January of 2020
  • Numerous conversions to Christ

Mission Statement

California Preparatory College offers associate degree and certificate programs and exists to provide affordable higher education in a Christ-centered, diverse learning environment, focusing on rigorous academics, mission service and life skills while preparing students for continued education, job placement and service to humanity.