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Spiritual Life

In Psalms 34:8, the Word of the Lord calls us to “taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” And in John 10:10, Jesus proclaims, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”  The California Preparatory College faculty and staff seek to create a Christ-centered atmosphere, offering the pursuit of an intimate relationship with God and our fellow man here on earth through Bible studies, mission opportunities, vespers, and spiritual events that include reaching out in service to our student and community neighbors.


It is our sincerest desire to encourage and facilitate the spiritual growth of our students at CPC by providing a wide range of activities geared to engage and exercise their God-given physical, mental, and spiritual powers.  Such opportunities include but are not limited to involvement in local church worship services that range from simply attending, involvement in music and praise team memberships or leadership, to being a featured guest speaker!  CPC students can also choose to volunteer in community service projects, such as neighborhood cleanups, clothing give-away drives, toy collection and distribution drives, on campus church services, and more.


Christian speakers are invited to our campus each semester to conduct “week of prayer” assemblies to draw the hearts and minds of our students, faculty, and staff to a closer walk with our Creator.  In addition, in an effort to provide cohesive group support and camaraderie, organized weekly sessions are offered each Wednesday for a Bible-centered topic study of such subjects as relationships, self-esteem, and other areas pertinent to campus life today.


While here on earth, Christ bore witness to a life of service by assisting others in the communities He visited.  At CPC, we take His example seriously and trust that you will find a personally suited avenue of service supported by our capable CPC Student Council and dedicated staff.


Although we clearly base our spiritual lifestyle and understanding on the Seventh-Day Adventist traditions, students from any denominational background or belief system, who are concerned about living morally responsible and ethical lives, will find at CPC a positive, accepting, personal growth producing educational community and environment to help promote the harmonious development of the whole being for each and everyone of our students.

Although CPC does not require you to provide personal information when you visit its web site, in order for the staff at California Preparatory College to respond to a request of yours, or in order for you to avail yourself of CPC services, you may be asked to provide personal information. You can choose not to provide such information, but if you do so our staff may not be able to respond to your request. The personal information you provide shall be used only to fulfill the stated purpose of your communication or participation.

Academic Life

California Preparatory College is committed to providing rigorous education to its students and therefore looks to provide as much support as possible through low student-teacher ration, Life Counselors, tutoring, and personalized attention, low student-teacher ratio.  Student study groups are highly encouraged as well as making use of teacher office hours.  The goal of CPC’s staff and faculty is to establish a strong educational foundation for our students so that their success may reach beyond their educational program at CPC.

Social Life

California Preparatory College uses social activities to foster a nurturing environment where long-lasting friendships and networks can be developed.  These activities range from campus movie nights, to local park bar-b-ques, and even to community outreach.  CPC’s students have an opportunity to have an extensive social life in which opportunities to meet other students and their families and friends will create a great base of personal connections for our students.  Taking advantage of these social activities will enhance the educational experience of our students.

Student Council

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