Who We Are

Welcome to California Preparatory College (CPC). CPC’s administration, staff and faculty combine to provide the Inland Empire with an affordable, quality, private college education based on Christian values.


To learn more about CPC’s mission, its Mission Statement, Core Principle and Supporting Values, please click here.


Many students prefer a private or faith-based educational experience, but find it economically burdensome. Others wish to stay close to home and ease into college, but still receive a high quality education. CPC is here for those students who appreciate more professorial contact, and want to begin their higher education in a more personally nurturing program.


CPC institutional learning outcomes are the overarching learning outcomes that reflect CPC’s mission statement. They serve as a guide in the development of student learning outcomes for programs, courses, and administrative services.


The following institutional learning outcomes reflect the understandings and skills that students will obtain at CPC.

Upon completion of the CPC program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze, synthesize and evaluate various forms of information
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication
  • Demonstrate their commitment to service through participation in activities that serve the needs of individuals
  • Propose resolutions to current societal challenges in the context of Christian principles
  • Understand the components that contribute to personal spiritual maturity
  • Understand the dynamics of personal spiritual maturity

Our Vision

Private Education

It is the philosophy of California Preparatory College that students deserve high quality, nurturing, private, faith-based education offered at an affordable price. Those ideals are realized in our focused curriculum, optimal student-teacher ratios, highly qualified personable professors, comfortable facilities and dynamic social and spiritual environment.

Value Driven

The economy of this education is achieved largely by not funding a large campus, dormitories, food services or research programs, and through the application of our efficient educational model.

Faith Based

Because we believe that spiritual values are essential for the health of both individuals and society, CPC provides a Christ-centered model (See our Mission Statement, Core Principle & Supporting Values) with spiritual activities that encourage spiritual growth and the pursuit of service to God and humankind.