Mission Statement, Guiding Core Principle & Supporting Values





“California Preparatory College offers associate degree and certificate programs and exists to provide affordable higher education in a Christ-centered, diverse learning environment, focusing on rigorous academics, mission service and life skills while preparing students for continued education, job placement and service to humanity.”

CORE PRINCIPLE: Christ-centered Education


CPC’s core principle of a Christ-centered education includes several elements. These elements are a Christ-centered curriculum, dedicated faculty and staff, a dynamic student life program, a commitment to service, and the integration of a Seventh-day Adventist belief system and culture that guides administration, staff and students in seeking excellence in all that they do.




A CURRICULUM centered on Christ and His love that transforms the hearts and minds of its students and compels the development and practice of professional and life skills that serve and improve humanity. Christ is the perfect model of excellence. Centering and focusing on Him we uphold and offer a redeeming curriculum that strives for academic excellence and quality – producing students of high character and superior abilities with a love for lifelong learning.


FACULTY AND STAFF with passion for teaching students to follow the example of Christ to achieve success in life and in their chosen career. A Life Counselor is assigned to each student to guide and equip that student academically, professionally, and spiritually to make an impact in their world before and after graduation.

STUDENT LIFE staff and Student Government leaders work together to provide the campus community with fun activities, recreation, service projects, and the integration of faith, learning and the building of lasting relationships. Field trips, excursions, worship services, weeks of prayer, and other social events are organized and promoted to develop and maintain a close-knit student group that worships, prays, serves and plays together. Providing a counter-balance to work and study, fun recreation and social activities are emphasized and cultivated.


SERVICE to our community is practiced and taught so that students, as ambassadors of Christ, can witness and serve others, not only through volunteer projects but in their future occupations. God gives each of us a job with an opportunity to serve others and He wants us to faithfully embrace that job’s calling. “Whatever work you do, do it with all your heart. Do it for the Lord… .” (Col. 3:23)


A SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST BELIEF SYSTEM & CULTURE guide faculty, staff and students to become witnesses for Christ spreading His everlasting gospel to a needful world by practicing Christian management principles and being examples of Christ-like living, loving, teaching, healing and serving. Emulating Christ in business practices creates a workplace that respects each employee and student, builds trust, loves, encourages, and unleashes the creative talent and productivity in each person to strive for excellence and efficiency.


Student Focused Service

A personal focus on the spiritual, academic and professional potential and development of each student through individual life counselors, Christian-focused faculty, and emphasis on servant leadership that produces professional and superior customer service at all levels.



An education that is available to all – tuition should not be a barrier to obtaining a quality Christian education. Students from lower-income families are able to pay for tuition through government grants and part-time work without the need to take on unnecessary debt while avoiding the crippling impacts such debt creates.


Small Local Campuses

Maintaining a small size at each local community campus to maximize family atmosphere; more hands-on learning opportunities; a strong advising system; faculty, staff and life counselors that know students well; a strong sense of community; and an ability to personalize a professional Christian education.


Marketable Education Pathways

Individually tailored educational and career pathways to match current, in-demand occupations so each individual student may achieve job placement and a living wage upon completion of their program or transfer to a 4-year college or university to complete higher educational goals.



Maintaining the management characteristics of resiliency, agility, innovation, simplicity, tenaciousness and passion while focusing on the scalability of its education model, promoting growth of its campuses and expanding the reach of its mission.