Life Counselors

For most of you, your Life Counselor is the first person that you will interact with at CPC.  This individual will help you in every aspect of beginning your college experience.  As you begin your CPC experience, he or she is your full service counselor, advocate and information provider.  Along with providing you with all the information that you need to make a well-informed decision about CPC, your Life Counselor will be your personal guide through all the processes until you are fully enrolled and attending classes.  They can be asked all the questions, be expected to advocate for you during your program at CPC.  Your Life Counselor is your personal guide during your entire time at CPC.  We believe that your college experience should be efficient and that with proper guidance and support almost everyone can have a successful college experience.

Your Life Counselor can be expected to assist you with the following, and in most cases, must more:

  • CPC Campus Tours
  • Filling out application forms
  • All admissions and registration processes
  • Student Finance
  • Solutions to anything hindering you from starting college
  • Information needed to determine if CPC is the school for your career path guidance

For additional information, contact:

Jankel Cadavid (Enrollment and Marketing):

Gene Edelbach (Recruitment):


Your Life Counselor is available for assistance with the following but not limited to: course registration, issues in the classroom, course load changes, adding or dropping classes, graduation application deadlines, program course review and completion.  If there is any question or concern about your academic program, process, or progress, please contact your Life Counselor so they are able to share your concerns with administration.  Their purpose is to guide you through your academic journey and support you along the way.

For international students, as well as assisting you with the listed items above, your Life Counselor is the person that will best guide you with any changes you would like to make on your I-20, your CPT, OPT, extension requests, ensuring your contact information is correct with SEVIS, and annual vacations, to mention a few.


Our Life Counselors understand and value our Christian standards and therefore are available to you even through your spiritual journey.  They are a friend, a mentor and most importantly a person which will encourage your spiritual path and growth.  They know of resources that might be used to expand your spiritual experience at CPC and your community.


Life Counselors are trained and determined to ensure that you are taking the right courses that will lead you to the most direct path for the career of your choice.  One of the most important tool they will use to guide you towards your career goals is your program curriculum sheet which identifies the requirements for completion of the program you are enrolled in while at CPC.  It is their sole purpose to make certain that you are being purposeful in your course choices planning towards your educational goals.

Questions or Concerns:

Write to the Student Life Director:
Jankel Cadavid
1250 E. Cooley Drive
Colton, CA 92324