Steps for CPC Registration and Enrollment:



[Instructions to Apply: Request the CNA Program Application HERE, then scan and email the supporting documents to Licia at: or call 909.436.7074 for assistance.]


Phase One:

  1. □ Complete and submit the Request for Application form(click). Once submitted, a digital version of the CNA Program Application and the Code of Conduct forms will be emailed to you via DocuSign.  Look for the “DocuSign” email. The DocuSign email should arrive in a day or two.
  2. □ Complete and submit the digital CPC CNA Application form and Code of Conduct form (this will be sent to you via DocuSign).
  3. □ Submit (scan and email to Licia at: the following documents. Use your Android (click) or Apple iPhone (click) to scan if you do not have a scanner.
    • Proof of High School Graduation or GED. (Scan and email copy of H.S. diploma, proof of GED, or recent college transcript).
    • Proof of employment eligibility (scan and email the following, either: 1. Social Security Card AND Driver’s License, or 2. U.S. Passport, or 3. Permanent Resident Card).
  4. □ A Zoom video conference will be scheduled with CPC’s counselor to answer your questions, assist with forms & documents, discuss your student accounts, and explain next steps.
  5. □ An in-person or video conference will be scheduled with the Adventist Health team to explore possible employment and scholarship opportunities.
  6. You will be notified if you are conditionally accepted into the Program pending the health exam, drug test, and Live Scan background check.


Phase Two

(Conditional Acceptance pending successful completion of the steps below)

If you are conditionally accepted into the Program and once a specific date has been set to start the class, you will be instructed to complete the following:

  1. □ Complete and sign online enrollment & commitment form (link to be emailed to you by CPC counselor).
  2. □ Create a CalJobs account by following these directions: Creating a CalJobs Account (click). For questions email Marissa Lupo Dobbs, Adventist Health Program Lead, Workforce Development, at or call her at 209-559-6267. Once CalJobs account is set-up and program is requested, email Marissa to let her know that it is done.
  3. □ Complete and submit the CNA Health Examination form signed by a health provider (you will be given instructions on where to go for this exam).
  4. □ Drug testing information will be emailed to you.  Follow the directions to schedule and complete your drug test.
  5. □ Complete and submit Live Scan background check (you will be sent the required form and instructed where to go to in the area to submit your form and for fingerprinting).
  6. □ Sign up for a free account at and Google Classroom (click).
  7. □ Your access code for your textbook will be emailed to you.  To access your books you will need to create an Evolve account (click)The email will have further instructions on how to use your access code to get your textbook and workbook.
  8. □ Wait for an email and/or Google Classroom message from CPC to begin class!
  9. □ Complete the CDPH CNA Initial Licensing Application (form CDPH 283B) when instructed to submit to CDPH.