Live Stream Church Services

These churches live stream their Sabbath services, but you can also view the recorded videos anytime! Click their link and join in and participate in the chat to get a more interactive blessing! Oh, and don’t forget to let them know you are a CPC Student!!!


Advent Hope Sabbath School, 9AM and 10AM Saturdays (Bible Study)

Azure Hills SDA Church, 9:00AM and 11:30AM Saturdays

Bible Lab Sabbath School,10:30A.M Saturdays

Calimesa SDA Church, 8:30AM and 11:15AM Saturdays

Crosswalk SDA Church, 9:00AM 10:30AM & 12PM Saturdays

Loma Linda Chinese SDA Church, 11:00AM Saturdays

Loma Linda Korean SDA Church, 11:00AM Saturdays

Loma Linda University Church, Church Service – 9:00AM & 11:45AM 
Sabbath School – 10:30AM Saturdays

Mission Road Church, 11:10AM Saturdays